Is this a full time commitment?

The responsibility of becoming a Masi should not be taken lightly, as Masi's have a very influential and impactful role in the journey of members in finding their life partners. However, it is up to each Masi how many members they decide to be responsible for, and therefore how much time and effort the want to commit to the role. However, the process of switching and rating Masi's is very easy, and in order to retain or gain members, Masi's must show enthusiasm, commitment and care.

Matchmaking as a Masi can be done from the comfort of your own home at times that best suits you, making this a very flexible and rewarding commitment. Sahih Salaam's unique Masi System also makes it incredibly easy to connect people together, so you can focus on using your skills to match people. We also encourage Masi's to help and learn from each other, and by creating the biggest network of Masi's in the UK, we hope to bring as many people together as possible.

  • Take on as many clients that suit you
  • Work from home – hours and a place that suits you
  • Sahih Salaam’s uniqueMasi system makes it incredibly easy to connect people together
  • Learn from other Masi’s and join the biggest network of Masi’s in the UK

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Application Process

To apply to become a Masi, you will need to fill out an online application form and submit this to the Sahih Salaam recruitment team. If you are successful, applicants may be invited to complete a telephone interview to clarify any statements made in the application, find out more about the candidate and their network and also let the applicant know more about the role and answer any questions they may have. Face-to-face interviews may be in place of telephone interviews. Once successful, the candidate will need to sign-up at least 3 members to Sahih Salaam with them to become an official Masi. For more details read the attached information pack.

Minimum Requirements

  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • A desire and passion to bring people together for marriage
  • Relevant experience in bringing people together for marriage
  • Experience in dealing with married couples / to be married couples
  • Live in the UK

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