To find your perfect match, we've combined tradition with technology to create a truly personal experience that aligns closest with the service you desire. Our MCs aim to create that close connection with you in order to find potential partners most suitable to you and your character and generate meaningful introductions so only compatible matches fill your inbox.

You can create your account with an MC you already know (and already knows you), or use our MC search and rating system to find an MC that best suits your needs. This ensures that all our MC’s are fully committed to providing the best possible service.

Signing up with an MC

Online application

It is simple and easy just sign up online and enter your details. We will give you call to confirm your details.

You know people looking

If you have people who have asked for your help, register them using your MC code. They’ll be your clients!

Use Sahih Salaam database

Using the Sahih Salaam database match your clients to other users across the UK, access thousands of potential matches!

*If you already have an MC then we would recommend you ask her for her MC referral ID and enter this in the promotions section, you’ll be automatically assigned and will receive benefits depending on your MC. Alternatively, if you don’t already have an MC that’s fine too (most people), just select a plan and we can set you up with one in no time.

MC Matches

Nothing is more satisfying than creating a partnership that lasts forever.

The ultimate goal

The sole reason people join Sahih Salaam is to get married InshAllah. This is the final step, be sure to thank your MC for her efforts personally.

Is an MC for me?

While personalising your Sahih Salaam service with an MC is optional, we would highly recommend doing so, as there is no replacement for someone who really understands you when it comes to finding your other half. All Members will still receive matches generated by our sophisticated algorithm, but MC's will also spend time suggesting matches that they know will suit you the best - what's better than matches chosen by a real person who really knows you and what you want? No other website offers this service as standard, and we pride ourselves on providing quality matches that give the greatest chance of joining two souls together.

Where do I find my local MC?

Built into our MC search function is the ability to filter MC's according to location, allowing you to know which MC's are closest to you. Each MC also has their own profile, which you can then enter to find out more details. We recommend messaging or even meeting them to discuss what you are looking for, and how the MC can help.

Do I need an MC before I join?

It is not necessary to join with an MC, but if you know one before joining it is a good idea to sign up with them. An MC who knows you personally is ideal, but you can also search for nearby MC's and see if you know any of them, or even go and meet them! Don’t worry if you haven’t joined with an MC though, choosing one is simple: Use the Search function to view potential MC’s and access their profile page for more information about them. And if for whatever reason you are dissatisfied with your MC, you can always switch to another.

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