There is no challenge in a person’s life, and indeed more important too, than finding a life partner. With so few people spread so far apart, finding a compatible partner is not always easy. No longer can you rely on your parents’ friends and networks alone, and the alternatives out there are just not working.

Sahih Salaam combines technology with the traditional means of finding authentic (Sahih) people that are genuinely looking for a life partner. People that can share their details with others knowing that their privacy will be protected. An MC (trusted adviser) will be there to assist you in every step of your journey, from providing additional tailored matches to organising your meetings and events.

  • Personalised matches designed to your preferences
  • Premium service for Muslims serious about marriage
  • Safe, secure and confidential. You control what others see
  • Upholds the ethics and traditions of Islam
  • Committed to creating happy, long-lasting relationships
  • Tailored events to help bring people together
What makes Sahih Salaam the clear choice

Sahih Salaam made a commitment to ensure safety is our number one priority in everything we do. Choosing your life partner is one of the most important decisions you will be making in your lifetime, and at Sahih Salaam we want to make this process as smooth and safe as possible. We make sure the principles and ethics of Islam are followed. When you sign up, only those you approve of and connect with will be able to interact with you and see your photos, blocking any unwanted attention, putting you fully in control. We take proactive steps to remove members who break our code of ethics and monitor suspicious behaviour like no other service. You can report or flag suspicious behaviour and our support teams are always ready to listen to your concerns too.

We believe finding your life partner should be a positive, memorable journey but one that is taken seriously and with great consideration. At Sahih Salaam, we have integrated events into our online matrimonial service to give you a complete package. You can invite your matches to attend events, bring family, friends and even your MC along. If you haven't subscribed online you can still attend open Sahih Salaam events which are a fantastic way to meet new matches. All of our events are supervised by Sahih Salaam staff who will be there to host the events, answer any questions you may have and make sure everything is safe and run smoothly. Don't worry, you're in good hands.

‘Sahih’ is the Arabic word for Authentic. At Sahih Salaam, we put the authenticity back into matrimony services with our unique combination of MC's, Events and Online services that give you a full package, making it easier to find the best partner for you. We have put thought in each and every detail of our service to make sure it's personal, attracts well-intentioned individuals and actually works for you. Experts from Matrimony, Sociology, IT and Islam have come together to formulate an impeccable and unequalled service we know will serve our fellow brothers and sisters for generations to come. Sahih Salaam is the Authentic choice.

To find your perfect match, we've combined tradition with technology to create a truly personal experience that aligns closest with what you desire. The word MC originates from the Indian root word "Maa" which means 'mother', and "Si" which means 'like'. Our MC's aim to create that close connection with you in order to find potential partners most suitable to you and your character and generate meaningful introductions so only compatible matches fill your inbox.

How it Works

A simple walk through of how the process works. To get more information click on each step.

Register Online

Register online for free and create a basic user account. Get used to how to use the system and see if it suits you.

View your Matches

View your matches based on your preferences. You’re in complete control over your requirements. Be as specific or generic as you wish.

Personalise with MC

Receive personalised matches from your MC and Sahih Salaam for you to consider.

Choose Right Plan

You can choose a standard account or join with an MC. Choose the length of subscription to suit you.

Say Salaam

If you like someone you can ‘Say Salaam’ and find out more details about them – provided, of course, they return your Salaam.

Communicate and Meet

Once you and your match exchange Salaams, you can communicate, view pictures and more details about them.


STEP 1 – Register Online

Registering online couldn’t be simpler. Create a user account and fill in details about yourself. The questions are designed to give other people a good picture of what you are like. it only takes roughly 10 minutes from start to finish and you may just start finding more about yourself than you realised!


We want to help you find your perfect partner, and we can only do this together if we know more about you. It’s completely free to sign up as we think it’s only fair you try before you buy. There is much more functionality you can access after sign on so what are you waiting for, give it a go!

STEP 2 – Choose Right Plan

Choose one of 3 options a free account, sign up with a subscription or even sign up with an MC it’s completely up to you. For new users we encourage you to use the free account to see if the service is right for you. If you are associated with an MC then tell us at this stage and we’ll connect you two together.


We are an authentic matrimonial service, we do not offer people full viewing rights without express permission from users. We also want to make sure you find the right partner and are able to know more about them. Saying Salaam connects both users making the process a lot more easier or straightforward more easy.

STEP 3 – View Your Matches

Now you have registered and created your profile Sahih Salaam works by sending you the most suitable candidates according to your preferences as well as your matches preferences. At this stage you’ll see a concise view of your matches profile (Privacy) until you are both happy for each other to get a full view.


Sahih Salaam sends you profiles of people you want to see. We also understand you don’t want you profile shared with the world either. We have created a tried and tested service which means our members find their life companion in a secure environment attracting serious like-minded people. These are your matches.

STEP 4 – Say Salaam

You can send matches a salaam which automatically sends them an invitation to return your salaam. If your salaam is returned you both automatically get full access to each other's profiles. This ensures that you can choose who to share those personal details and pictures with.


We are an authentic matrimonial service, we do not offer people full viewing rights without express permission from users. We also want to make sure you find the right partner and are able to know more about them. Saying Salaam connects both users so that this becomes more easy.

STEP 5 (Optional) – Personalise with MC

We like to call MC’s (Matrimonial and Support Intelligence) these are people in the community who are experts in creating successful marriage relationships. They can help you find personalised matches and can assist you in the entire process.


 MC’s are here to help. They can help bring families together, be a point of contact for individuals and provide support and guidance like no other. MC’s typically know their own clients well and that in depth knowledge is known to be crucial for many some people in finding the right person.

STEP 6 – Communicate and Meet

Once you and your match have connected via exchanging Salaams you can view each other's full profile which includes pictures, personality and personal details and much more. You can also communicate with them via our mailing system or meet at one of our events hosted by us each year.


We believe talking and meeting to your prospected partner is paramount that’s why have a our email system so you can ask more personal questions and get to know your potential partner further. You can also meet during one of our events in a safe Islamic environment.

Marriage InshAllah

Sahih Salaam is for people looking to get married. This is a cornerstone of our principles and it’s why so many people choose us to help them in their journey to find a partner. InshAllah we pray that we can, with the mercy and guidance of Allah (swt), continue to bring couples together in a way that is best.


Sahih Salaam is on a mission to ensure that Muslims find the best life companion and get married. We want to create happy, prosperous relationships that will in turn make our communities flourish and succeed.

Tips for creating a profile

Can you imagine how you would feel if you meet a person, only to be disappointed that their profile does not match the actual person. It is a total waste of time. With this in mind, make sure you do your part by making your profile reflect the actual type of person you really are. Don’t be someone you’re not and try not to describe someone who you think somebody will like – it doesn’t work. Here are some points to consider before submitting your profile:

  • Don’t let your parents, your friends or anyone other than you write your profile. You need to describe yourself – besides who knows you better than yourself.
  • However, after you have written the profile, we recommend you do show it to someone that knows you well and who’s opinions you trust – peoples first attempts tend to be quite homogenous and withdrawn.
  • Plan your profile carefully. Remember, this is the first impression someone will have of you and will decide what actions to take based on your profile. Think long term. Your preferences today may not be the preferences in ten years’ time. Make sure your criteria can stand the test of time.
  • Your profile picture is extremely important. A picture says a thousand words. You are 9 times more likely to be approached if you have a profile photo and it’s the single most view part of any profile - so make it count.
  • Be precise, honest and positive. Write from the heart and say what you think is important about you that reflects you as close as possible. The more personality you show the more that distinguishes you and makes you interesting.
  • Write about your hobbies, things you like doing and your aspirations. Fill in all the details you are asked for and try and not leave too many thing blank answers or ‘Prefer not to says’
  • Be specific and don’t waffle. You don’t need to include everything on your profile, you can save that for when you talk. You need to strike a balance.
  • Spell check your written words – show you have taken care.
  • View your profile often. It’s a live version of yourself, don’t be afraid to make changes and tweaks - it reflects reality.

Do marriage sites work

There are hundreds of ‘dating’ and ‘marriage’ websites out there for Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Some popular Muslim dating websites claim to have millions of registered users, but really, how many of these are people genuinely looking for a life partner – for marriage? Muslims represent less than 5 in 100 people in the UK so it's far from easy to find the right partner, particularly with our often restrictive criteria. The biggest problem is that we don’t know if the person behind the screen is genuine, can trust their details or that they are already married!

Traditional methods of finding a partner are much more successful and more personal, but the audience and reach is very limited. Sahih Salaam allows the traditional matchmakers a portal to connect their clients to people all across the UK, so that they can access a greater database of quality matches whilst still maintaining the traditional means of bringing people together. MCs have an incredible wealth of experience and a passion to match make. By using Sahih Salaam, you can harness the power of tradition and technology to find you authentic partners – bringing matrimony into the 21st century.

Reasons For Joining Sahih Salaam

Sahih Salaam is the only matrimony service that enables the traditional 'Matchmakers' within the community to connect Muslims from across the world. They use their vast experience and expertise in finding partners to match compatible people together. You can be sure that your details will be kept safe and will only be shown to people you choose to match with.

The Sahih Salaam portal is easy to use, full of useful features and helps you get to the important information fast. You can pick from hundreds of MCs (match makers), view their reviews and success rates. You are always in control of your details and these will only be viewable to your matches if you both exchange Salaams.

Sahih Salaam is combining tradition with technology to give a truly unique service. If you've other websites or so called 'halal' dating websites then you'll know we are truly unique and focused on your marriage only. If your new and apprehensive about putting in your information online - then your come to the right place. Sahih Salaam was created for people who want to keep their data secure, private but are looking for marriage with a quality partner. Create a profile today to see how it works. Remember other users cannot search for your details, view your pictures, know who you are - we and the MCs match quality people together and help them right the way through to marriage.

Becoming a Sahih Salaam MC

We are real believers that ‘Match Makers’, known by Sahih Salaam as ‘MCs’ are truly great individuals that love bringing people together. Their task is not easy and it means understanding people personalities, preferences and reaching to the community to find them suitable matches.

Sahih Salaam has created a sophisticated network, online portal and mechanism to make this matchmaking process smoother. MCs have access to people from across the country and can manage their clients easily using our portal. All of this enables them to have a greater chance to find partners for those that have approached them. All the care and attention MCs put into finding the right person, we believe, should be rewarded. It takes time, effort and significant expertise to get it right, especially if they find successful partners for others. We believe that an MC should be able to make a good income doing this, whilst continuing to enjoy their work and receiving even more reward from Allah (swt).

Come and talk to us if you want to become a Sahih Salaam MC and start your own business.

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